Leading on from their award-winning fulldome film, Liminality, Cardiff based creative collaborators Matt Wright and Janire Najera immerse audiences in the music of Slowly Rolling Camera. Commissioned by Ffotogallery to premiere at Diffusion 2019, Juniper explores how sound and moving image merge within live performance. This unique show sees Slowly Rolling Camera perform their critically acclaimed third album Juniper in its entirety, accompanied by a visual score created by 4Pi. Audiences will be enveloped by the expansive jazz grooves, trip-hop and cinematic soundscapes of Juniper whilst transported to barren and busy environments within the UK, Norway and Finland.

Juniper is the emphatic and uplifting third album from Cardiff based Slowly Rolling Camera. Masterminded by Edition label boss Dave Stapleton, producer Deri Roberts and drummer Elliot Bennett, Juniper fuses expansive jazz grooves with rich cinematic soundscapes marking the beginning of a new era for the group, anchoring new instrumental roots whilst bringing together a dynamic instrumental team of ex-Cinematic Orchestra guitarist Stuart McCallum, bassist Aidan Thorne and Belgian saxophonist Nicolas Kummert.


Digital Arts, Dome, Experiential, Immersive


23rd April 2019