‘Liminality Live’ is a multi-sensory immersive live performance fusing contemporary dance, 360º live-action cinematography and immersive lightning with live music performed in a dome. This 35-minute live work pushes the boundaries of storytelling within immersive spaces by utilising for the first time in the dome live captured footage, instead of only CGI elements. ‘Liminality Live’ presents a shared VR experience to audiences by transporting them to different locations across Wales and India. Dancers interact live with the site-specific choreography that was captured in both countries, exploring new possibilities that merge the digital with the real.

The piece was developed at Society of Arts and Technology in Montreal, Canada. The resulting 360º multimedia work was premiered on March 13 to a sold-out audience and performed 15 nights at the Satosphere as part of FIFA 2018 (International Festival of Films on Art).

Choreographed by Kim Noble and performed alongside Manas Sharma, the piece also featured a live score performed by Filastine & Nova. The work received great public and critical reviews and has since been shortlisted within the VR / AR category of the 2018 Lumen Prize for Digital Arts.

Liminality & Liminality Live are currently available for touring.


Digital Arts, Dome, Immersive, VR


12th March 2018