We travelled from Bali to Jakarta on board of the schooner ship Arka Kinari, the new floating cultural intervention by artists Filastine & Nova to create an immersive live documentary concert and also a fulldome film.

Arka Kinari is both method and message; utilising music to sound the alarm for climate change and cinematic visuals to imagine life after the carbon economy. Coherent with the message of the performance, it is an example of sustainability; a touring production delivered by wind and powered by renewables.

Arka Kinari is a multimedia performance shared from a traditional schooner ship, using live music and cinematic visuals to inspire resilience to the coming floods, resistance to the carbon economy, and re- engagement with the great public space: the sea. When docked at public waterfronts the ship transforms into a stage and the sails into projection screens for an audience viewing from the ground.

The immersive film and live show map ecological conflicts and regional threats, occurring on land and water; links stories and places of the Nusantara and beyond; and capture the intangible heritage of the communities in Indonesia we engage with.



Digital Arts, Dome, Experiential, Film, Immersive, Performance


18th December 2022