Join us at SXSW 2020. Directors Matt Wright and Janire Najera head to Austin, Texas for South By South West 2020, the annual ten day festival celebrating the interactive, film, and music industries.


Headsets Make Us Throw Up
Friday 13 March, 11am

Does Virtual Reality really have to be exhibited in a headset? Join us to explore the immersive environments that allow 360 degree and VR content to be consumed by a collective audience. Bringing together 360 visual artists, immersive content exhibitors and sector researchers, we will directly challenge the headset’s role in delivering new VR and 360 degree content, arguing the case for domes, arcades, live elements, and location-specific experiences. Challenging the trend for social isolation in VR experiences, we present real world examples of VR working beautifully outside a headset. We will look at the limitations of headsets compared with live immersive experiences, advocating for development of ‘shows’ in VR, rather than just plugging in via a headset. Live Cinema UK’s Lisa Brook and Kate Wellham will be joined on the panel by artist Monica Bolles and Matt Wright from 4Pi Productions.

This project is part of the Future Art and Culture programme at SXSW 2020, presented by British Underground and supported by funding from Arts Council England. Live Cinema UK’s trip to SXSW is supported by XR Stories.


Marginalised Histories Through Live Cinema
Sunday 15 March, 12.30pm

Throughout the history of the moving image, the cinema screen has provided a space where the marginalised, the alternative and the forgotten can be represented. The role of the cinema in traversing and transgressing traditional notions of colour, creed, sexuality and gender has been further embellished through the concept of “live cinema”, or taking cinema beyond the black box of the movie theater. This session will explore the efforts of live cinema in re-imagining and developing the nature and possibilities of film exhibition in a post-cinematic age and examine how filmmakers, artists and curators can continue to work together to maintain and develop landscape of cinema as a site for alternative histories.

Live Cinema UK’s Lisa Brook will be joined on the panel by Professor Esther Johnson from Sheffield Universtity, writer, curator and producer Colm McAuliffe and Janire Najera from 4Pi.


Supported by Wales Arts International.