Jet Lag Festival Bilbao

2009 – 2010
Bilbao, Spain
Augmented Reality Portal / Interactive 360º Immersive Dome / Site-specific Art Installation / Interactive Audio Visual Tricycles

In 2009 we were commissioned by Bilbao City Council to produce a site-specific art installation as part of their urban youth festival Jet Lag Bio. We decided to make a We created an Augmented Reality Portal where visitors could get additional information about the festival activities by displaying the flyer from the festival to the webcams inside our installation.

In 2010 we were invited back to Bilbao and presented an Immersive Interactive Experience where visitors were transported virtually to different cultural spaces within Berlin and Bilbao. We also brought our interactive tricycles which engaged  audiences across the festival site.  URT1  facilitated musical interactions with a variety of tactile multi-use sensors and URT2, equipped with a webcam, a projector and two flat screens allowed audience to VJ in realtime alongside the music. The two trikes surprised & delighted the youth audience and were combined at various moments to provide a unique portable moving street cinema.