Our 7-metre portable cinema dome is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. It can be branded specifically for your event and is the perfect intimate space to provide shared immersive VR experiences. 

Its horizontal hemispherical projection skin provides an intimate lower level environment enhancing the sense of immersion and it’s perfectly suited for reclined cinema seating and comfy bean bag viewing.

The cinema dome was designed and fabricated in-house to provide the largest possible rock solid solution that would require no heavy lifting equipment, keeping installation costs down and allowing installation on more difficult sites due to its relatively compact pack size and hardy nature.

Easily installed onto level hard standing surfaces or alternatively placed on easily sourced event platforms for unlevel, wet or soft standing locations. 

  • 3K Active Stereo Projection
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Auto-calibrating Immersive Media Server and Back Up
  • 2.6k Live Capture Card
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply
  • Wireless Ipad based Show Control System

Weatherproof and Wind Resistant up to 100Mph (Ballast Required).

Where sites allow we generally combine with a custom inflatable entrance tunnel to assist in both light control and audience comfort when entering and exiting the dome.

Installation in  24 – 48 hours.

De-rig in 3 – 6 hours

3 dome technicians + 2 event support staff supplied throughout your event.

We tailor every hire to the exact job at hand and there are vast opportunities for unique solutions from content production through interior design and branding so it’s always good to reach out to us to discuss your needs, from which we can provide a more accurate quote.

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