About 4Pi Productions


4π Productions are an experiential art, marketing and events agency that offers creative solutions utilising 360° content. We develop our own creative projects and platforms for audience engagement and also collaborate with like-minded organisations to enhance and expand their potential and reach.

We explore the spherical realm by producing interactive installations, environmental sculptures, virtual tours and immersive experiences which provide our projects and clients with the ability to reach out to audiences in new and engaging ways.

We believe in cross-media storytelling and the power of technology to extend narratives when exploring relevant social themes.

Ultimately we relish creative challenges that merge the boundaries between art, design and technology.

We have the flexibility to grow innovative ideas on an international stage and maintain a close network of in-house team members and external collaborators, enabling us to respond quickly to the opportunities at hand. Speak to us to see how our creative passion, bespoke services and international network could help enhance your business or project.

We produce alternative perspectives

We engage audiences through new shared experiences

We love collaboration

We believe in accessibility